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"You are enough. You do enough. Breathe extra deep, let go, and just live right now in the moment."

About Me


My life long dedication is to inspire others to step into their power and create deep and long lasting healing experience.  I am a genuine, authentic yoga teacher who really cares about my students and wants to assist them in achieving optimal well being for themselves and in turn, create more enjoyable living experiences.  My aim is to build a community of people to play, share, explore and connect to bring more meaning to our lives. 


For me, yoga is a very personal experience, a time where we can peel back the layers to invite our true self to speak more clearly, without the constant chatter of the mind.  My aim is to gift my students the ability to find this space though their practice in my classes.   


What is Soul Flow Yoga?

My classes are all inclusive, authentic and welcoming.   Each class is inviting to newbies to yoga or the more experienced yogi.  The style of practice is based on Hatha / Vinyasa yoga.  The practice will be strong in parts but will have an equal balance of softness, creating a space for you to grow and heal from the inside out.  The class will focus around asanas (postures) being held in parts, for us to explore our practice on a deeper level, allowing us to to find balance within the body and mind.  

My classes aim to cultivate a sense of balance and create space for inner healing. They aim to deepen a persons yoga practice through strength based asana and pranayama (breath work), whilst also inviting our bodies and mind to find a deep sense of calm and rest.  


Classes are welcoming to all and I would love to create and hold space for each and everyone of my students throughout their practice, so that they leave feeling nurtured and deeply fulfilled. 

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Adding a personal touch to your yoga development


One to one yoga sessions tailored to meet your personal needs.  Private sessions can give you that extra individual attention that will work out what is right for you within your personal practice.  

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