Wild & Free Day Retreat:
22nd May 2022

You are invited to take your place

You always need to ask yourself where fear or doubt is coming from.  Has it been placed there from our layered experiences within this life or maybe from someone else's views that we we have taken on?  If this speaks to you, have you considered whether you’re living by someone else’s rules and not truly from your authentic self.  How do we now this to be true, unless we start exploring whether there is truth behind this and if so, how it is impacting on out life.   


Wild and Free Retreat will be an opportunity to take your own pause, taking the time to listen, to explore and unveil maybe a deeper understanding of your souls calling that will help you grow and find that inner freedom that is waiting to be invited into this life.   It will offer you an opportunity to take the time to call out what is holding you back, no longer having to feel that you have to wear the mask from other people’s perspectives or ones that just don’t feel like ours anymore. 


I truly feel that we can all do with a little help of being a little more free, a little more wild and a little more accepting of that inner voice that tells us that we really can simply be our true self in this life.  

What would it feel like to look in the mirror and know that the women staring back at you knows she is enough, she always has been but now she really believes she is.  I am not writing this pretending in any way that I have all of this figured out all of the time, but it is something that I am softening with and enjoying the part of myself that keeps trying to remind me of this.   Would I love to be this woman all of the time……of course!  And this is why I keep doing the work on myself, I keep showing up for myself and I keep looking at myself with kind eyes, even on the days when I am not being so kind to myself.  This is my true goal, as from this place, I believe freedom exists, where there are no longer barriers, where the self-doubt mind takes a back seat.  I truly believe that we all have the ability to get there, but firstly it starts with us showing up for ourselves.


Our Time Together

Wild and Free retreat will be reigniting the self, igniting that inner knowing, intuition, gut feeling, whatever you choose to call it.  It will be an opportunity to nourish yourself through yoga movement, meditation, nutritious food, laughter and joy and so much more.   It will be an invitation for you to show up as the woman you are, the woman you have been and the woman you are becoming.  I love that there is a knowingness between women when they meet, connect and know that we are all in some way part of the same journey.  We maybe moving in different directions at times, but we are all trying to carve a pathway that feels good, feels free, feels true. 

Where & When


The retreat will be held on the in the beautiful retreat sanctuary in The Golden Grove in Carmarthen.   This retreat space rests in 10 acres of natural beauty in nature, wild wilderness surrounds you and  luscious green views as far as the eyes can see.  This retreat haven really oozes tranquility and peace.  It is felt from the moment you arrive. 

There are spa facilities offered during our time together - A magical sauna barn, a cold water plunge pool for dipping and a large hot tub to submerge yourself into.  

The investment for this self care package is £140.  Spaces are limited, so I am able to hold the space for each and everyone of you.  

Your invitation 


My hope from our time together is that we raise each other up, we accept ourselves for where we currently are, and make some space for the women we are becoming, because you my dear are in a season of becoming, I hope you feel and KNOW it too. 


Please join me, meeting yourself where you are at, as this is where it begins and you are right on time. 

Please message me or e-mail me if you would like to hear more, or to secure your space.


NB once a deposit is made then this is non-refundable, as per Soul Flow Policy.  Full payment will need to be received 2 weeks prior to the retreat date. 

Soul Nourishment Retreat

DATES: 10-13th June

WHERE: Snowdonia  

Join me for a heart expanding and deep delving journey on our Believe retreat in Snowdonia .

Set in a cosy and peaceful home in the beautiful area of Snowdonia, this is a retreat to take your self nourishment to a whole new level.

Meditation, Mind and Body enhancements, uplifting journeying yoga practice and yoga Nidra is only part of this fulfilling experience.

Each day includes delicious healing food.  Part of the retreat will be around your developing your own tools towards your own nutrition and how you take care of your body. 

Your retreat includes -

 - Home cooked delicious meals
- Cozy Accommodation 
• Soul Flow Yoga Practices
• Meditation
• Yoga Nidra 
• And many more magical experiences 

This retreat will bring a whole new meaning to nourishing your soul. My aim is to hold space for you to set a pathway of life that you can continue to journey and lead a freer, next fuller version of yourself.

This is where deep rejuvenation begins and I cannot wait to share it with you 🙏🏼💛

There are limited spaces available for this retreat , please contact me directly for more information.

NB once deposit is made this is non-refundable.  Full payment will need to be made 6 weeks before retreat date 



Soul Flow Cancellation Policy:

Please note that in all events once deposit is made this is non-refundable.   Full Payment for day retreats is required 2 weeks before and for weekend retreats 6 weeks in advance.