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Yoga, Sea Dip & Sauna 

Join me this Sunday for a Soul Flow 45 minute yoga practice, perhaps a sea dip and then a wonderful warm cozy sauna experience.   

This unique sessions combines all the benefits of yoga, col water dipping and sauna therapy.   An indulgent opportunity to detoxify and nourish your body.   We will begin out time together by moving through a 45 minute soulful yoga practice to awaken our bodies, followed by the option of a fresh morning sea dip and then the warm, cozy meeting of the sauna cabin, which is about a 5 minute walk from the beach.   This experience is guaranteed to lead you into your day day filled with vitality. 

We will meet at 9am on Caswell Beach in front of the life guard hut to begin our yoga practice promptly at 9am.  We will then make our way up to the sauna for 10am, where there will be 55 minutes to rest and restore in the sauna.  There are also cold water barrels to use in between the sauna session.   The sauna hold 8 people at a time, so we will take it in turns to bask in its warmth. 

There will also be cake! 

Please ensure you bring warm clothing / items for the beach yoga session and post dipping.

Please bring your own water and warm drinks to enjoy.   

Soul Nourishment Retreat 

January 5th-7th 2024


You are invited to take your place

January 2024, I am holding our annual Soul Nourishment Retreat.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to open your journey into 2024.  

When was the last time you took true dedicated time for you?  Soul Nourishment Retreat will be an opportunity to do just that.  Time to take your own pause, time to listen to your souls whispers, time to explore and unveil deeper understandings into who you are and what you truly want from this life.  

  Through our weekend together, you will immerse yourself into well deserved rest, dreamy yoga, nourishing food and deep inner work to uncover a deeper version of yourself that you can ignite and bring into 2024!

This retreat will be transformative.  You will leave feeling rested, recharged and ready to bring on those seeds of intentions.

Our Time Together

You will nourish yourself through yoga movement, meditation, breath work, nutritious plant based food, laughter and joy, relaxation and restore and so much more.   It will be an invitation for you to show up just as you are with a full invitation to unleash yourself into your own becoming.


Where & When


The retreat will be held on the in the beautiful cosy, peaceful home in the Gower called Wernganrose Farm, Blackhill Lane.    This place has such a wonderful energy that will hold us so well throughout our time there.    This retreat space rests in acres of natural beauty in nature, wild wilderness surrounds you and  luscious green views.  This retreat haven really oozes tranquility and peace and this will be felt from the moment you arrive. 

There are also spa facilities that you can relax and enjoy during your time at the retreat.

The investment for this self care package is £395 with an early bird discount of £50 applied if booked before 31st October 2023.   Spaces are limited and your space will only be secured once your deposit is paid.  

Your invitation 


My hope is that you take this time for you, so you can truly serve yourself fully  into 2024.  

Please message me or e-mail me if you would like to hear more, or to secure your space.


NB deposits are non-refundable, as per Soul Flow Policy.  Full payment will need to be received 6 weeks prior to the retreat date. 

Greece Grow Retreat

When: 7 Days & 6 nights from 8th-14th June

Where: Paros, Greece 

Cost: from £1510-£1870

Early Bird Places have now been taken

Join me for a heart expanding and deep delving journey on our Grow Retreat held within the spectacular Eco retreat centre at Okre Blue, Paros

We will spend 7 days and 6 nights offering time to rest, rejuvenate and pore ourselves into yoga, meditaation and self care practices

Yoga & More!

My intention for the retreat is clear: to guide you through practices that will deeply nourish your body, mind and soul.   There will be daily yoga and meditation practices, time spent strenthening the body and the mind, creativity workshops and self growth workshops, music, movement and more! Practice will take place within the beautiful yoga shala or near the sea - they really are the most spectacular spots for us to create an intimate and beautiful experience together.  

How we nourish ourselves

Obviously the practices in themselves will create a deep feeling of nourishment and healing for our bodies, but we will also be fed some of the most nourishing foods.  The menu is wholesome, organic and plant based, with much of the produce being harvested from Okreblue's own organic garden.  We will enjoy delicious cuisine that is based on ancient Ayurvedic principles, emphasising wellbeing, balance and bliss in the body.   Meals will be served at brunch and dinner times that will be specifically designated around our daily practice times or our optimal digestion.   

Where you will sleep......

A labour of love built by the owners of the retreat centre, where you will feel welcomed and comfortable during your stay.  The accommodation is simple and rustic that is deeply connected to the elements.   The rooms are open naturally lit and purposefully minimal to simplify your experience on retreat.  Most of the rooms face the seaside and are a stones throw away from the beach where you have open access to the Aegean Sea.   


Our Daily Routine

(Will look something like this!)

Our days will be infused with meditation, mind and body enhancements, uplifting journeying yoga practices and Yoga Nidra are only part of this fulfilling experience.

  • 7-8am Meditation, Pranayama, Journalling

  • 8-8.30am - Smoothie / Juice

  • 8.30-10am Yoga through Asana 

  • 10.30-11.30 ~ Brunch 

  • 11.30am-3pm - Free time - walk, rest, you time 

  • 3-4 pm Movement masterclasses / creative workshops / self growth workshops

  • 5-6.30pm Restorative Practices 

  • 7pm Dinner

Investing in me: 

Using meditation, movement and daily enquires to deeper connect with urselves, this retreat will act as a natural reset to bring you to a more natural state to flow from to uncover the very best version of you!

Our bodies will be strengthened, our mids rest and our hearts ignited.  I am so ready, are you?


How to sign up 
This is where deep rejuvenation begins and I cannot wait to share it with you.
There are limited spaces available for this retreat, to reserve your spot at an early bird price please e-mail 

Prices range from: £1510-£1870 depending on type of room you would like / shared occupancy

NB once deposit is made this is non-refundable. There are payment plans available on request 



Soul Flow Cancellation Policy:

Please note that in all events once deposit is made this is non-refundable.   Full Payment for day retreats is required 2 weeks before and for weekend retreats 6 weeks in advance. For full week retreats this will be confirmed on booking 

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